I'm in the process of having 6 songs done by the end of this month. My dilema is finding a videographer to help me film in Munich so if you are out there and you want to be part of history - hit a brother up. 

final work 18-min.png

Here is the album cover art. An abstract painting done by artist Hamza Matoussi. I first met Hamza when he was a little kid in the streets of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Surge. I gave him candy and he started singing "smack that all on the floor." I asked him what he wanted to be in life and he told me an Artist. I told him I wanted to be a rapper. Fast forward several years later I followed him on the internet and one day gave him props on his art work. I was very proud. Then he ask me why am I not rapping? And to this reply I said, you're right, why am I not rapping. So he offered to make an album cover for me as I told him about the topics I'll be rapping about. I'm happy with his outcome. But I am also more proud that he lived his dreams and held me accountable. 


My greatest strength is the person I see in the mirror, my greatest weakness is the person I see in the mirror.

David the


I used to rap in college but I never experienced anything authentic enough to record an album. After college I got thrown into the whirlwinds of life. Military, war, affairs, death, virus, depression, stress, and perseverance. And that was Pre-Covid. My past experiences combined with current events propel me to record an album or my brain would over flow with thoughts and emotions. Looking back at it all, my greatest strength was the person I saw in the mirror, and my greatest weakness was the person I saw in the mirror.