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final work 18-min.png

Here is the album cover art. An abstract painting done by artist Hamza Matoussi. So he offered to make an album cover for me as I told him about the topics I'll be rapping about. I'm happy with his outcome. In his piece of art you can see every detail of my life:

The right foot representing the military boot, the left foot representing the Hurauche Sneaks. Cool fact, in the military we start every march with the left foot - so as you can see I start my career with the civilian sneakers. The 3 heads, represent the 3 minds of Fofo, Kelo, and I the Flea. The middle person holding it all together David the IV. The figure looks like a tree representing knowledge, and finally the colors mixed with gold and olive green messy but coordinated. Life is a beautiful mess.


My greatest strength is the person I see in the mirror, my greatest weakness is the person I see in the mirror.

David the


I used to rap in college but I never experienced anything authentic enough to record an album. After college I got thrown into the whirlwinds of life. Military, war, affairs, death, virus, depression, stress, and perseverance. And that was Pre-Covid. My past experiences combined with current events propel me to record an album or my brain would over flow with thoughts and emotions. Looking back at it all, my greatest strength was the person I saw in the mirror, and my greatest weakness was the person I saw in the mirror.

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