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David Burnell IV: Be whatever you want to be in life

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

If I could sum up my life in 3 paragraphs it would go like this:

My name is David Burnell IV and I played DI college football for the East Carolina University Pirates. I was nicknamed "The Flea" because they thought I was too small to play football.... until they saw me playing on TV.

After graduation, I saw a tv commercial of a guy slaying a fire monster with a sword, so I joined the United States Marine Corps. I quickly realized I was fighting humans instead of monsters and those humans were using missile rockets. One rocket landed 10 feet outside of the T-wall. It was then I realized I would need more than a sword.

I finished the military and left America to pursue an acting career in Berlin, Germany. I landed my first major role as "The Shocker" in the upcoming action film thriller "Gunpowder Milkshake." Catch me on the big screen fighting women assassins.

"Be whatever you want to be in life"

actor / artist / voice

-David Burnell IV

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