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The New Normal in Fitness: Digitalization of Gym Workouts

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

As I sat there in lockdown listening with excitement and hope to Bavaria's President Söder's announcement of reopening restaurants, golf sports, and tennis my excitement quickly de-escalated to disappointment. Gym studios were not even on the list of agendas. The cold truth is that we are most likely entering the New Norm for fitness.

The reality of it is that gyms are the perfect place for the virus to spread because they are often humid according to medical experts. Dr. Norman Swan, a physician, and journalist identified gyms as “high risk” locations for the spread of viruses (COVID-19). He goes further by advising gym members to consider avoiding crowded areas or exercising outdoors.

As a group fitness instructor, this is devastating news. I missed the members, the music, and the energy of all us sweating together while breathing hard in one of my HIIT sessions. So together with a videographer and open-minded group fitness instructors, we created a platform of high-quality workout videos with gamification features called David's Hardest Workouts. All workouts are done one-on-one with your favorite coach providing you with real-time feedback, motivation, and safety. We see and hear you at all times.

I am so happy I can help gyms retain memberships by offering these services. But most of all I am able to work out with my members again without jeopardising their health. If you are a group fitness instructor, gym member, or gym owner interested in this initiative feel free to contact me to be a part of the New Normal in fitness.

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-David Burnell IV

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