David the what?


David the "IV" why?... because my father's the "III." My mom is Filipino so my skin is not black it's cappuccino. I'm an artist, actor, model, and voice-over specialist. A fitness trainer, NFT creator, and I aspire to be a 3D filmmaker. My greatest strength is the person I see in the mirror, my greatest weakness is the person I see in the mirror. Alumni East Carolina University Pirate still running "dem 3 Hunedz " and former US Marine still hitting the target. I still believe in magical moments and get lost in my own wonder and mystery. I'd rather play in a bouncy castle with kids than sit at a table with adults.


I'd rather play in a bouncy castle with kids than to sit at the table with adults. 

David the


I try to heal the world with my creativity and you are free to join me. The collage below is my first step in creativity. The piece of art displays the embodiment of my emotions for the past years. Do me a favor, get loose, play your favorite music, and start taking pictures of yourself. Make your own art and share it with others. Most of all have fun, be you, and be creative.


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Thanks so much for your time. If I've inspired you please feel free to like and share my photos with a friend. Remember, keep searching for those magical moments, get lost in your own wonder and mystery, finally with a little bit of creativity we can all heal the world.