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Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to work alongside NFL player Christian Wilkins from the Las Vegas Raiders at a football camp in Munich hosted by the Munich Rangers. As a lifelong football enthusiast, I've seen my fair share of talent, but Christian's dedication to teaching proper American Football fundamentals and movements to kids was truly inspiring.

Despite towering over us like a giant on the field, Christian's humility and passion for the game shone through as he patiently guided each child through drills and exercises. It was evident that his years of experience in the NFL had equipped him with invaluable insights that only a seasoned veteran could offer.

One of the most powerful lessons of the day was the universality of football fundamentals. Whether you're playing flag football in the park or battling it out in the NFL, the core mechanics remain the same. And at the heart of it all lies a crucial goal: preventing injury. By mastering these fundamentals, players of all ages can enjoy the game safely and sustainably.

As a testament to the effectiveness of proper technique, I, at 46 years old, still find myself moving like I did when I was 30. It's a testament to the power of knowledge and discipline in preserving our bodies and prolonging our love affair with the game.

Looking ahead, I'm "filling up that dash" and working with more kids in the future while aspiring to bring more NFL buddies like Christian to Germany to share their expertise. Together, we can inspire the next generation of football stars and instill in them a lifelong love for the game.

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battle between two ancient warriors with spear, apple music, spotify, and battle dress
Apple Music vs Spotify

Apple Music or Spotify? - Which one holds the key to your musical success? Let’s talk about it from an artist’s perspective.

Artist Engagement:

Apple Music gets personal with artists through Connect. It’s the backstage pass to your audience. Meanwhile, Spotify’s algorithm crafts personalized playlists, it’s a pretty effective way to get your tracks into fresh ears.

Royalties & Exposure:

Talking bout the moolah, Apple Music tends to pay artists a bit more per stream. But Spotify’s playlist placements? They could be a station to launch your rocket for your music career. (that sounded a little weird)

Placements & Promotion:

Apple Music's editorial team shines a spotlight on diverse artists. Spotify? Their playlist culture is a game-changer, potentially propelling you from indie to Insta-famous. However, all you wack-ass stream farm artists messed that up recently.

Social Sharing & Algorithm Magic:

Spotify’s social vibe though 🧨 . Collaborate, share, and watch your tracks spread like wildfire. But Apple Music? They’ve got that direct artist-to-fan connection, a bond that builds super fans.

Navigating the Uniqueness:

Now back to the title topic of our new Album ||| D. On Spotify, the strategy of being on our “own Fvckn program” worked. Our album is represented on Spotify just like we envisioned it. ||| vertical bars and the D. But on Apple Music? We had to settle for just the “D” (pause).

Lesson learned: Apple Music is strict with titles and characters.

In the everlasting pursuit of being unique, ||| D faced the Apple adaptation, becoming simply 'D' on that platform.

So in Apple Music vs Spotify, it’s all about the strategy that aligns with your music journey. Whether you're after direct engagement and better payouts (Apple Music) or massive discoverability and playlist power (Spotify), each platform brings its own symphony to the table.

What’s your move? Choose your platform wisely, and let your beats talk to the world.!

Welcome to the thrilling realm of music distribution—a rollercoaster ride packed with excitement, twists, and turns. In this exhilarating ride, being different isn't just a choice; it's embedded in our DNA. Join us as we unveil the untold story behind crafting the title of our album, ||| D.

The Challenge: The saga began when the title "3D" echoed across the digital landscape after a swift Google search. It seemed like everyone and their mama had claimed it, with even rap groups trying to claim the title. But standing still wasn't an option. Despite owning the title back in the '90s, we knew we had to be creative.

Creativity Unleashed: In the spirit of innovation, we opted for ||| vertical bars to represent the digitized 3. However, the path to individuality wasn't without hurdles. Using "iii" caused chaos in capitalization on certain platforms—morphing into the confounding "Iii." Attempting lowercase "lll" brought predictable results; platforms transformed it into "Lll."

The Golden Ticket: Determined to beat the system and remain true to our vision, we delved deep into the keyboard characters. There, we unearthed the golden ticket—three vertical bars, III. Cue the celestial sound; we knew we had struck gold.

The Apple Music Twist: Our journey took an unexpected turn when Apple Music decided they weren't vibing with the ||| bars, bluntly stating, "We don't accept that." And just like that, we became simply 'D.' However, the universe smiled upon us as Spotify, along with a handful of other platforms, welcomed our unique title.

The Ongoing Struggle: While we may not have conquered every corner of the digital domain, our commitment to defying norms persists. We'll keep trying not to fit in, no matter how challenging it gets in these modern times.

Call to Action: Now, it's your turn to be part of this rebellious journey. Listen to our album, get lost in the beats, and share your top 3 tracks.

Most importantly, continue to march to your own frickin' program. Much love, y'all.

Now on Spotify:

Now on Apple Music:

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