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Silhouettes of Music: Evolution, Camaraderie, ||| D, hip-hop

Three contrasting silhouettes against the backdrop of ancient pyramids, representing the unity and diversity of ||| D
Silhouettes of Music: First looks of the ||| D music group

In the vast expanse of the musical horizon, where every note and rhythm holds a tale, emerges the emblematic narrative of ||| D.

||| D is the name of our revolutionary music group and also the title of the album. We used the KISS method. (Keep it simple stupid). The simplicity of the name, allows us to paint a canvas of various meanings to ||| D, such 3rd dimension, three dimensions, three descendants, and even three dudes, —serves as a testament to the versatile genius behind this ensemble. See we can be what we feel at that time, pretty much how the world works at the moment.

This specific art piece was actually proposed to be the album cover but as we evolved over time and with creativity we found that a logo/name would be more suitable. But, like the most profound pieces of art, this piece we like to call "Silhouettes of Music" is layered in its significance.

The artwork unpacked shows the following: ||| D believes that music, with its vast and enchanting realms, has long been a canvas for tales of camaraderie, style evolution, and cultural tales. Among the myriad of ways to represent music's essence, the silhouette stands out, as a powerful and evocative symbol. The image, rich in contrasts, depicts three entities Fo, Ke, and Flea, each distinct in stance and style, set against the timeless backdrop of the pyramids. The figures and their setting resonate deeply with the theme of unity and diversity, capturing the essence of camaraderie.

But with the current state of rap and hip-hop, we found how we have been disconnected or have no connection or want no connection but want to be connected.

Essentially entities like us have become the silhouettes of hip-hop.

In short "WE OLD".

But nevertheless, it helps us to find our voice, our own unique beats, and style.

The shadowed forms of Fo, Ke, and Flea rise distinctively against the monumental pyramids—symbols of eternity. Each silhouette, though shrouded in mystery, speaks volumes, representing the musical diversities they hail from and the singular rhythm they create when united. Their very stance, oscillating between modern allure and ageless grace, narrates the tale of music's ever-evolving style. Yet, the unyielding backdrop of the pyramids is a gentle reminder:

While the expressions of music morph, the camaraderie it births remains unshaken. - ||| D

Such is the narrative of ||| D, an ensemble that stands not just for music, but for an experience. We are more than just a music group; we are the silhouettes of legacy.

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