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The Journey is Life

And life is the journey; it's a journey towards discovering our true selves, where our authentic essence finds its destiny. But sometimes, the voyage takes unexpected detours that compel us to reevaluate the core of our aspirations. But sometimes, the journey takes unexpected detours that make us question the very essence of what we are striving for. Today, I want to share a story that speaks volumes about resilience, change, and finding one's purpose against all odds.

Once a starry-eyed college graduate, I was eager to make a mark in the world of information processing. My dreams were to be in the corporate culture, predominantly featuring the renowned company, IBM. During the interview, I boldly told the representative that I wanted to be him. His smirk, however, echoed a silent challenge, implying that the journey to be him was far from straightforward. This harsh reality check served as a cosmic nudge, redirecting me onto paths less traveled and adventures untold.

In the face of disillusionment and confusion, I grasped a profound truth: life seldom adheres to our carefully crafted blueprints. Embracing a sudden twist of fate, I traded my corporate aspirations for a life of grit, valor, and resilience within the ranks of the United States Marine Corps. While the transition felt like abandoning a well-planned route for an uncharted territory, it turned out to be a path leading towards personal growth and unseen horizons.

Yet, life had more surprises tucked under its sleeves. From being a Marine to stepping into the limelight, my transition to an actor was not a mere change of careers but a metamorphosis that allowed me to explore diverse facets of human existence. It was as if the universe conspired to mold me into a person capable of embodying varied roles, not just on screen but in the grand stage of life.

And then, in a poetic twist of fate, the wheel turned full circle. From being a naive graduate dreaming of working at IBM to being in national commercials of the very same corporation, life had played its cards in the most unpredictable yet beautiful manner.

In the grand scheme of things, maybe our purpose is not just about reaching a destination, but experiencing the journey with all its twists and turns, highs and lows, and to keep evolving as we traverse this unpredictable yet exhilarating path called life. It's a journey of becoming more human, more authentic, and finding glory in the most unexpected places.

I encourage you to welcome life's detours with open arms, for these unexpected paths might guide you to a version of yourself that surpasses your dreams. Life is too short to not celebrate the wonderful odyssey of being human.

And in the end Mr. Smirk realizes that “I BE HIM.”

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