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As the first track that sets the stage, "100 Truth" from ||| D is more than just a song; it's a declaration of unity, identity, and musical passion. Stitching together the vibrant threads of nationality, each member of the trio echoes the same sentiment: despite the years, their souls remain alight with the indomitable flame of music. Their age? Just a number. The fiery urge to chase creative dreams? Ever-present and impossible to ignore.

If you're expecting to hear a typical hip-hop rhythm, prepare for a pleasant surprise. "100 Truth" carries an inventive beat that stands apart—a ticking melody, reminiscent of a clock, urging listeners to seize the moment and channel their inner creator. After all, if ||| D could shake off years of rust to reignite their musical journey, so can you.

The message is clear: Don't die with music left in you.

The track's chorus is both catchy and emblematic. Initially, it began with the trio chanting, "Roof roof, you know we spit that 100 truth, truth! truth! yeah that 100 proof." But with David the IV aka the Flea's vision and Alexander Oberrader's expertise, the chorus transformed, evoking an Onyx-esque vibe as if a vast crowd was echoing the anthem.

Written by the collaborative genius of the Flea, Kelo, and Fo, the song tells its story seamlessly. Fo the leader kicks things off with a compelling first verse, followed by Kelo's soothing voice, and finally, Flea delivers a sharp freestyle that teases listeners with a hint of "Get Em", the next masterpiece on the album. Eli Fribush's mixing at HOTC Studios in Greensboro, NC, further elevates the track.

Perhaps what's most astounding about "100 Truth" and the album is the trio's adaptability. With Flea in Munich, Germany, Kelo in Texas, and Fo in NC, the entire track and album were crafted digitally. The result? An awe-inspiring testament to the bond they share. Distance and time may have intervened, but the camaraderie of ||| D remains undiminished. Their musical cohesion, even after all these years after college, is nothing short of spectacular.

100 truth Lyrics

Verse 1:


Content and lyrically

||| D is on a killing spree

it senses me

they have the propensity

to mimic me

I’m in the lab producing Man, they zoning out

I’m like the quarterback and yo we running rhythm outs

ha uh ha uh

look everybody is Cappin

lies are the common denominator

the truth is half the fraction

Panhandlers on the corner

more than these rappers Trappin

when we get applause that’s the only time you Clappn nigah

Yeah I’m here to stay like racism

you got a side chick

that’s called escapism

racism is ubiquitous

You know they train them young

eyes to tongue

see life in black-and-white like nuns

sex predator professors

trying to silence your mum

Out at Brigham Young

you know they like to bring em young Oh!

You know they like to bring em young OH

Eh man I told em

I was gon killem with the chorus


Roof Roof yeah we spit that 100 proof

Truth Truth yeah we spit that 100 truth

Roof Roof yeah we spit that 100 truth

Truth Truth ||| D we spit that 100 proof

Roof Roof yo back in the frickin booth

Truth Truth yeah ||| D spit that 100 proof

Roof Roof yeah that 100 truth

Verse 2:


3 Stars

we can’t be touched like we got SARS

3 Dimension shit yeah we got bars

||| D out this world yeah we on Mars

You n!gahz on Bentley’s

yeah we on Stars

Straight out this world with no Passport

We hiking up that mountain in our Jansports

Started from the bottom down in Concord

Went to ECU that’s who I stand for

We give it to you raw

no Tamper

Yeah Straight up out that Pamper

If you don’t understand

then you’re missing

There’s no such thing as competition

Bars like this make you listen

Product of 2-Pac

Biggie and Hendricks

Now what you want to do

Just sit back relax

take a shot of this Hundred Proof


Roof Roof yeah we spit that 100 proof

Truth Truth yeah we spit that 100 truth

Roof Roof yeah we spit that 100 truth

Truth Truth 3D we spit that 100 proof

Roof Roof yo back in the frickin booth

Truth Truth 3D spit that 100 proof

Roof Roof yeah that 100 truth

Verse 3:


It’s the K.I.N.G

David the IV aka the Flea

Game is on lock

I got the key

let me make it free

David the III

David the II

I got history

Been here before

planted the seeds

to your family trees

It’s the older me

living overseas

now I oversee

All the younger me’s

living in Germany

Keep playing with your food

in front of me

mah nigah’s Hungary

Black and Yellow Jewelry Rumble with these bumble bees

But I believe in peace

that’s my philanthropy

Why you mad at me

you should be thanking me

Cause an eye for an eye

will leave you blind

where’s the love

like the black-eyed peas

My nationality

is black and Philippine

hair defying gravity

The new human being

between you and me

Yeah we can start a family

unite humanity

Or we can make David the V aka the Flea


Roof Roof yeah we spit that 100 proof

Truth Truth yeah we spit that 100 truth

Roof Roof yeah we spit that 100 truth

Truth Truth 3D we spit that 100 proof

Roof Roof yo back in the frickin booth

Truth Truth yeah 3D spit that 100 proof

Roof Roof yeah that 100 truth

Verse 4:

You probably never heard of me

It’s the DAV I.D.

Living up in Germany

Normally I don’t work for free

Currently making currency

Verbally I can burn a free

Turning your ass to smithereens

Murder the track US MARINE

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And life is the journey; it's a journey towards discovering our true selves, where our authentic essence finds its destiny. But sometimes, the voyage takes unexpected detours that compel us to reevaluate the core of our aspirations. But sometimes, the journey takes unexpected detours that make us question the very essence of what we are striving for. Today, I want to share a story that speaks volumes about resilience, change, and finding one's purpose against all odds.

Once a starry-eyed college graduate, I was eager to make a mark in the world of information processing. My dreams were to be in the corporate culture, predominantly featuring the renowned company, IBM. During the interview, I boldly told the representative that I wanted to be him. His smirk, however, echoed a silent challenge, implying that the journey to be him was far from straightforward. This harsh reality check served as a cosmic nudge, redirecting me onto paths less traveled and adventures untold.

In the face of disillusionment and confusion, I grasped a profound truth: life seldom adheres to our carefully crafted blueprints. Embracing a sudden twist of fate, I traded my corporate aspirations for a life of grit, valor, and resilience within the ranks of the United States Marine Corps. While the transition felt like abandoning a well-planned route for an uncharted territory, it turned out to be a path leading towards personal growth and unseen horizons.

Yet, life had more surprises tucked under its sleeves. From being a Marine to stepping into the limelight, my transition to an actor was not a mere change of careers but a metamorphosis that allowed me to explore diverse facets of human existence. It was as if the universe conspired to mold me into a person capable of embodying varied roles, not just on screen but in the grand stage of life.

And then, in a poetic twist of fate, the wheel turned full circle. From being a naive graduate dreaming of working at IBM to being in national commercials of the very same corporation, life had played its cards in the most unpredictable yet beautiful manner.

In the grand scheme of things, maybe our purpose is not just about reaching a destination, but experiencing the journey with all its twists and turns, highs and lows, and to keep evolving as we traverse this unpredictable yet exhilarating path called life. It's a journey of becoming more human, more authentic, and finding glory in the most unexpected places.

I encourage you to welcome life's detours with open arms, for these unexpected paths might guide you to a version of yourself that surpasses your dreams. Life is too short to not celebrate the wonderful odyssey of being human.

And in the end Mr. Smirk realizes that “I BE HIM.”

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