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Beats from ||| D: How Music Heals

Artwork for Album ||| D, showcasing vibrant colors and symbolic representations of the healing power of music
Album ||| D Artwork

Life is full of positive and negative segments, but there's one thing that's a constant, - music. When things get heavy and times are rough, it's the vibrations of beats that can help foster our moods through it. With our new Album ||| D about to be on Spotify, it's time to break it down and let you know how music kept us going strong.

Our music ain't just a bunch of sounds crafted on the Akai MPC, though that's where the magic happens. The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) has laid it down - music is the real deal when it comes to helping veterans dealing with the heavy weight of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Picture this: veterans getting in sync, vibing to group drumming sessions, and throwing down some freestyle flows. Before you know it, they're finding their rhythm, facing stress head-on, and living life to the fullest.

Our journey was kinda like that too. Three college buddies, Fo, Ke, and (me) Flea, graduated from East Carolina University way back in the day. Then we got tossed into the whirlwind of life like everyone else.

We kept the bond alive, spitting freestyles and sharing pieces of our lives through our verses and voice messages on FB messenger.

A decade down the line, it hit us - we had an album right there. So, Fo dusted off his Akai MPC and got to work, pouring our experiences into every beat and rhyme, creating an album that's gonna be our legacy, speaking to everyone who's been through it. Life's not easy for anyone, no matter how "perfect" it may seem from the outside.

Putting this album together was therapeutic, even in the midst of chaos and the sweetest moments of life. And speaking of life, I even became a parent during this journey - but that's a whole different story! Our music is more than just vibes; it's a movement, a journey that's all about finding that inner strength and the healing power of music. Find your rhythm. - ||| D

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